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Urban Dwellers, Suburbanites and Country Folks Should Mind Their Own Business

Crosswalk Road SignI’ve lived in the city, the suburbs and in the country. It is amazing how much animosity there is between those regions. The country folks think the city folks are crazy. The city folks think the country folks are just hicks. The suburbanites and the urban people both think of each other as snotty and arrogant.

The people in urban areas try to kill projects that benefit the suburbs, and the suburbs try to redirect government funding to their projects. The country folks just want to be left alone. None of them can understand why you would ever want to live anywhere other than where they are.

How about this: The people in urban areas worry about their part of the region, the suburbanites worry about theirs, and the country folks worry about theirs? People who live there may actually know what is best for their region.

It’s a bit arrogant for someone who lives in an urban area with a road system built on a grid to tell the suburbs they shouldn’t build more roads or highways. And it’s just as arrogant for a suburbanite to tell an urban dweller that his “walking city” and mixed use designs are crazy just because those concepts won’t work in the suburbs.

So in the end, maybe each region should mind their own business. What do you think?


WisTex is almost 28 Years Old (Est. 1986)

WisTex logoIt is hard to believe that I created WisTex almost 28 years ago, established in the summer of 1986, the year I turned 13 years old. Back then it was a mail order company, where I published a small mail order newsletter and sold advertising in my newsletter and other mail order publications.

The name WisTex was actually a suggestion by my grandfather, who also introduced me to the world of mail order.  The Wis part of the name stood for Wisconsin, which is where I was from, and the Tex stood for Texas, which is where I was living at the time.  We decided on WisTex because, well, TexWis just sounded silly.

A lot has changed since then, and it is fitting that I am thinking about what WisTex was, because it is about to go through another transformation.

So many mixed emotions surrounding the anniversary.  On one hand I am proud that I started a business at the young age of 13, and inspired at all I learned along the way.  I look back at all the twists and turns; the good times and the bad times; the highlights and the mistakes.  And then I look at the future, of what I am creating.

The legacy lives on.


Creating Topic Specific Websites

A lot has changed on the internet since 1995, when I registered my first domain name, which was free, by the way.  We have the rise of social media, and a whole myriad of changes to how search engines work.  We also consume our content in different ways than before, whether it by video or on our mobile devices.

I’ve been taking a closer look at my blog and websites and thinking how to better organize the content I create or curate.  While I love sharing cool things I find, it becomes hard to find them again after you have shared them and moved on.  Adding them to my blog seems like a good idea at first, but with the variety of topics that I am interested in, it becomes a jumbled mess of unrelated content.

So perhaps it is time to find places for specific types of content.

I have started creating topic specific websites, with their own social media pages, to make it easier to find and follow the content you are interested in.  And to make it easier for me to find my favorites again.

Duck Sauce Network

I actually created the Ducks Sauce Network way back in 2003.  Back then it had a bunch of jokes and Flash-based games on it.  In 2013 I decided to resurrect the website, but this time as an entertainment website featuring mostly videos.


A online magazine housing more in depth articles on business & technology.

Life is Transformational

Curated content that inspires, motivates & makes you think, designed to help you take your life to the next level.

Visionary Learning Studios / Videos

While I have not decided what to do with the main domain name, I decided to create a videos subdomain for housing free educational videos from a variety of sources.

Reinventing Scott

In stead of posting my personal journey on my blog, I decided that perhaps it deserves its own place.

Scott Stolz .com

Yeah, I picked up a vanity domain.  I will house my bio, plus links to various projects I am working on, and books that I author.

More Possibilities

I haven’t fully decided what I am going to do with this blog, but most likely it will house announcements about what I am up to, plus the current archive of articles.

Other Projects

I am actually working on some other projects, but they are not really ready for prime time yet.  I’ll be announcing them as soon as they are ready.


Trying out a New Way to Stay on Track: HabitRPG

I just found a new productivity website that is a planner with a twist called HabitRPG.  It incorporates a role playing game (RPG) with getting things done.  You can access it via browser, and by Android and iPhone app.

HabitRPG Planner

One of the things I like best about it though is the way that it separates out habits, daily tasks, and regular tasks into separate columns.  This allows you to develop new habits, and also creates a focal point on things that must get done that day.  You can also use tags to show or hide habits, daily tasks, and to-dos  to help you focus on a particular area at a time.

I also love how it gamifies your day, with you earning experience (XP) for getting things done, while penalizing you by losing health if you do not do what you said you would do (like not complete a daily task you promised you would do).  You also earn virtual “gold” as you complete things on your lists.

Being a super-user, it does not have everything I personally need, like project management and collaboration, but the developers are working hard at adding useful features and making it talk to other productivity apps.  But most users are not super-users like me, and the available functionality would be enough for most casual users.

You should check it out at  There is a free level, and a subscription is currently only $5 per month.