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Light at the End of Tunnel

My recent advice to someone who was down and discouraged. Thought I’d share: Hang in there. As someone who has gone though some pretty rough things, I can genuinely say things will get better. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes the first set of lights is a train, so be… Read More »

Phone Blogging to the Rescue

I haven’t posted to my blog in awhile even though I have had some great ideas for posts, partly because I have been to busy, and partly because I am often inspired when I am away from the computer. By the time I reach my computer, either the inspiration is gone, or I have so… Read More »

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Ever notice that when things go wrong, they tend to go really wrong?  That has been the last 6 months for me.  One thing after another, each one of which would knock anyone down by itself.  Each time, getting up to be knocked down again.  While I am not going to publicly go into detail,… Read More »