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Dusting off an Old Blog

I started a new blog recently called “Reinventing Scott” which included a post entitled “Remembering the Passion” which talks about where I came from, and where I am now.  Interestingly enough, that domain used to be pointed to this blog, in fact to a specific section of this blog (the Scott 2.0 category).  I had all… Read More »

Scott 2.0 and The 500 Year Plan

Years ago I was reading an article in some business or entrepreneurship magazine about companies which had a 500 year plan, and the idea intrigued me. So I started to create my own plan. I didn’t get very far, just putting a skeleton of a plan in place. Today I dusted off the Microsoft Word… Read More »

Degree vs. Experience

One thing that I have always been secretly ashamed of is the fact that I don’t have a college degree. And now years later, after working with college interns and students, I have started to realize how much more I know than they do. Heck, I have meet millionaires who I know more about business… Read More »