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Updates and information about Scott 2.0

Blowing My Own Horn

I’ve always been humble.  I usually am not one to blow my own horn.  But I am also starting to see that not doing so is limiting my effectiveness.  I tend to not brag about what I’ve done, or throw out big titles in conversation.  But, in some ways, by not doing so, people do… Read More »

Visionary, Innovator, Entrepreneur sounds good….

Many of you have seen the “Consultant, Coach, Entrepreneur” title that I have been using to describe myself. That is something I came up with as part of my Reinventing Scott, Scott 2.0 Beta initiative. But I have never been fully satisfied with that title. It does not fully describe me and does not fully… Read More »

Scott 2.0 Beta: Extreme Makeover

I have been working on myself for awhile now to create what is Scott 2.0 Beta. So far it has mostly been inner workings that have been upgraded. Now it is time to start upgrading the exterior facing portions… the user interface, so to speak. 🙂 The first thing on my list is my home.… Read More »