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This Week’s Twitter Updates for 2010-08-30

You must be a leet (elite) hacker to get Google to pay you $1337 to fix a high-risk Chrome flaw # “You have tried your best to please everyone; But it just isn’t happenin; No, it just isn’t happenin.” – Black Swan – Thom Yorke # “You cannot kickstart a dead horse.” – Black… Read More »

This Week’s Twitter Updates for 2010-08-16

“…we should acknowledge that these are not evil people, just a bunch of idiots like the rest of us.” – # I am starting to see Arco ads online. I wonder if BP is going to roll out that brand nationwide to replace BP on their stations. *oilspill* # I’d put my money on… Read More »

This Week’s Twitter Updates for 2010-08-09

Judgmental people don’t like it when you get judgmental about their being judgmental. # What if God created evolution? The would definitely screw with some people’s heads. # The more a person is a jerk, the nicer you should be. Either they will realize they are being a jerk or get upset that they can’t… Read More »