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Turning Words and Quotes into Images

People are visual creatures and images make an impact and draw attention faster than paragraphs of words on a page.  Social media posts with images get shared more, and articles look more interesting with an image included. Luckily it is easy to turn your words into an image, and share them on social media sites… Read More »

Jollibee Opens in Houston

I was driving down Main Street today near the Texas Medical Center, and to my surprise, I saw a brand new Jollibee’s.  It is located at 8001 Main Street. For those of you who don’t know, Jollibee’s is the Philippines’ answer to McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), all rolled into one.  In the Philippines,… Read More »

Filipino Food & Shops in Houston

I just spent some time researching and found 28 Filipino related restaurants, shops and stores in the Greater Houston area.  These includes authentic Filipino food, Filipino inspired food and businesses, Filipino owned businesses and businesses Filipinos frequent.  A couple are fusion restaurants with one or two Filipino dishes, but most are either Filipino or Filipino… Read More »