This Week’s Self-Improvement Education List

By | April 9, 2007

Last week I decided that I would get back into learning again. I enjoy learning. No, I love learning. And, for some reason, for the last several years, I have concentrated on surviving and getting a paycheck instead of growing and developing myself. Two of my passions: Learning & Teaching

I have been doing neither on the scale I wanted to. Sure, I learned things here and there to complete various tasks and projects and took some courses and things, but I stopped learning for learning’s sake. I stopped learning because I enjoyed it. Its very different to learn something because you feel you need to, and learn something because you want to and love to.

So, this week I shall continue what I started last week. I am re-listening to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill in audio book format every time I get into my truck. I’ll continue listening to the audio book by Rich Dad Poor Dad’s author Robert T. Kiyosaki’s entitled “You Can Choose to be Rich: Rich Dad’s 3-Step Guide to Wealth.” And I’ll also attend session 6 of my 10 week seminar entitled “Living Passionately.”

Like Anthony Robbins said once: “He put so much good stuff in, that eventually good stuff started coming out.” That is what I am doing. And that is what is happening already.

I feel so alive and alert I am so glad I am back again.

I’ll keep you posted on some of the things I learn. 😉


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