Adding Your Google+ Profile Picture to Search Results

By | August 22, 2013

Google now has a new feature called Google Authorship, which allows you to associate your Google+ profile with content that you have written across the web.  You can also associate a Google+ page to content as the Publisher, in addition to, or instead of an author.

Visibly, it adds your name and Google+ profile picture or avatar to search engine results on Google and Google News.  It also allows Google to take into account the popularity of other content you have when ranking your new content.

Here is what the listing for this page looking like:


Before your search engine rankings were primarily driven by links to specific websites defined by domain names (with a lot of other indicators mixed in).  Now it also takes into account the author of the content, and how much it is shared socially, as well.   This potentially means that a popular author posting on an obscure blog can attract more traffic to the site, by giving a boost to SEO.  It also means that content creators get more credit for their work and are much more visible than before.

Whether you are an aspiring writer or professional who hopes to break out and get a name for himself, or a business owner who wants to increase traffic to your website, Google Authorship can help.  As an aspiring writer, getting known is everything.  Get a good reputation as a writer, and content creator, and more opportunities will arise.   For the business owner, Google Authorship helps build credibility to your content.

Google Authorship Plugin for WordPress

There is an excellent plugin called “Google Author Link” that easily allows you to add author and publisher information to your blogs.  You can set your Google+ Page (for your website or business) as the publisher, and each user can also set up their profile with their Google+ Profile (personal profile).  Once those things are set, the plugin automatically adds the appropriate meta tags to the site and posts.

There are other plugins that do the same thing, but this one is so simple to use, and does not interfere with other plugins.

For Other Websites

Google has some instructions on how to add your authorship information manually to your websites:

Testing Your Links

One thing that you will want to do once you have it set up, is to test your links to see what it would look like on Google Search.

Although the test page will detect your code almost instantly, the regular Google results will not be updated immediately.


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