Product Idea: The Internet Fax Machine / Express Scanner

By | September 27, 2013

When I was thinking about ways Google could monetize Google Voice and some of the new features they could create, I had a great idea for a new product: The Internet Fax Machine.  It can be inconvenient and time consuming to scan a document into your computer, and then attach it to an email, and then send it.  Especially if the document is many pages long.  It could be designed so that you can “fax” a document to an email address instead of a phone number.  It would then email it instead or send it to someone’s Google Drive or Dropbox.

There are many complicated devices that do everything under the sun, and some devices may be able to email a scanned document directly from the scanner.  But in this case, I am suggesting a simplified device that could be set up at an internet cafe, or a mail box store, or used in businesses that have to fax or email a lot of scanned documents.  The device would be similar to a regular fax machine, except you have two choices: put a phone number or put an email address.  Simply put your document in the feeder, enter the phone number or email address, and press send.

If you want to get really fancy, add support for sending directly to Google Docs, Dropbox and other services, and you now have an express scanner / fax that bypasses the need to scan a document to computer

Then, on top of it, make the device VoIP compatible, so you could plug in directly into the network.  Faxes would go over VoIP, while emails would go over the internet via email.

They key is making the device simple enough where it is not intimidating to use, like many multi-functional devices and scanners which do “everything” but have confusing and intimidating controls.


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