The Writing Challenge

By | September 29, 2013

To fully embrace the author in me, I am challenging myself to writing something every day for a month.  But, considering that I am used to writing and updating articles, perhaps I need to make this a bit more interesting.  While challenging myself to write daily will help jar me out of any writer’s block, it does not really inspire me.

The Goal

To make this interesting, I am going to set my goal to a minimum of 45 posts in one month, which is one more post that I made in April 2007 when I started this blog.  These posts can be on this blog, Reinventing Scott, CubeWeek, BizTechTonics or any other website I create or contribute to.  I am tempted to set a goal of 100, but I have to factor in the fact that I will also be doing some design work, and video production as well, which is not counted in this challenge.


To keep myself accountable, I am going to post a chart showing how many posts I published or completed everyday over the next month.  The Google Docs chart will be embedded below, and should automatically update.  After the month long challenge, I will post the results of the challenge, with the chart embedded there as well.  Most of the posts will be public and you will see them, while some are for top secret projects I am working on, to be published at a later date.

Quality Over Quantity

One thing that is important to me is that every article or post I write is useful and contributes to people in some way.  Or to put it in even simpler terms, they should be something people actually want to read.  To help me gauge how I am doing, I would appreciate it if you like, +1 or retweet the posts that you feel are worth of such an honor.  And feel free to comment on my posts as well.  Your feedback is appreciated.

You Can Participate Too

And if you are a fellow writer, and want to increase the consistency of your posting, I invite you to take up a similar challenge yourself.  Setting an ambitious goal, and then making yourself accountable, will help push you to produce both the quality and quantity of articles you want.  You can make yourself accountable publicly, like I just did, or privately with people who will hold you to account.  But either way, challenge yourself.

The Chart

Here is the chart that shows my progress so far, starting with today.  It will be updated as I post new articles.

Note: Articles are not considered complete until they are ready for publishing, and research time for articles may vary. Even if 90% of the article is complete, and I am waiting to verify one piece of information, it does not count until it is ready to publish.

The Play by Play

I will be posting updates in the comments as I make progress on this challenge, rather than constantly creating new posts about my progress. This will keep all updates all in one place, making it easier to follow my progress. Comments do not count towards my goal.


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