Tips for Writing with Passion

By | September 30, 2013

flashing-cursor-mocks-liteInteresting how starting an article is always the hardest part.  The cursor sitting there, flashing, waiting, just waiting for you to share those perfect words.  You know you want to say something, but you are not sure what yet.  There are a few things that I have found over the years help me write with passion.  If you are starting a blog, or just want to get your creative juices going, this may help you.


I would have to say that my biggest inspiration for writing is reading what other people have said, whether that be in a book, website, blog, social media or forums.  So many times I have read something that inspired me, or simply ticked me off.  I immediately wanted to respond, and often do in the form of comments.  But your response does not have to be only in the comments.  You can also create your own blog posts and articles instead.  Take that passion and create an article on the topic, focusing on what you think is important.  You have the benefit of redirecting the conversation towards your point of view, and at the same time your views are more likely to be read as a blog post, rather than one of many comments.

Definite Purpose

Another thing that helps me be creative is to know what I am trying to accomplish with the article.  This is especially true of technical writing, but this applies to any type of writing.  If you know why you are writing the article, it becomes easier to write.

For example, technical writing can be extremely boring to write, unless you connect with the reason why you are writing it.  Almost anyone can write a list of steps to take, but what makes an article great and easier to write is if you know why you are writing it.  Is it to make people’s lives easier?  Is it to help them understand?  Is it to reduce calls to the company’s live support staff?  Knowing why you are writing the article helps your mind naturally flow.  And if you are passionate about the reason why, then that passion translates into the writing of the article as well.

What You Know

If you have experience in an area, and have a good understanding of it, then writing about it can feel like second nature.  You know what works and what doesn’t, as well as what is annoying and what is exciting.  All these things are excellent topics.  Make a list of things you know, especially the things you find most interesting.  This is a great starting point for creating good content that is easy for you to write.  If you are not sure what to write about, think about things that other people have asked you about that you were able to explain.  Other people may want the answer to the same question, and you have an excellent idea for a blog post or article.

Creating an Outline

Once you have a topic, having an outline of what you want to say also helps, because then you can concentrate on a section of an article at a time.  Instead of being overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a long article, or even a book, breaking things down into bite sized pieces help make it easier to focus and execute.  Instead of staring at a blinking cursor, you can tackle each section one by one.

Other Ideas

These are just some of the things that help inspire me to write.  What works for you?  Please leave your comments below.  We’d love to hear your ideas.


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