Obamacare vs. The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

By | October 13, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel Live interviewed people on the street about whether Obamacare or The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a better plan. Watch and view what people think about each plan, and why one is better than the other.

So, based on interviews on the street, The Affordable Care Act is superior to Obamacare in many ways, and much more popular.

And as you know, Obamacare and The Affordable Care Act are the same thing.

This just goes to how you how important a name is, and how it shapes people’s perceptions. It also goes to show that people will make decisions based on emotions and assumptions rather than facts. Perhaps that is why our country is in such a terrible state.

Perhaps it is time we really get informed about the issues, instead of assuming the people we send to Washington will make the best decisions.


Scott M. Stolz

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