Filipino Food & Shops in Houston

By | October 18, 2013

filipino-foodI just spent some time researching and found 28 Filipino related restaurants, shops and stores in the Greater Houston area.  These includes authentic Filipino food, Filipino inspired food and businesses, Filipino owned businesses and businesses Filipinos frequent.  A couple are fusion restaurants with one or two Filipino dishes, but most are either Filipino or Filipino inspired.  I’ve only been to about 9 of them so far, so I look forward to trying them all out.

Since I am a heavy user of Foursquare, and they make it easy to create a list, I posted the list on Foursquare, which you can find here.

So if you are craving food or products from or popular in the Philippines, then check out the list.

I am also creating a list of grocery stores that carry Filipino products.  This list is not complete, but contains some places I know carry Filipino products.

If I have forgotten any on either list, please let me know, and I will get it added to the list(s).



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