Now You Can Hear Me Twitter!

By | April 15, 2007

Or at least hear your phone or IM client beep! 😉

At the urging of someone I know, I signed up for Twitter today.

Twitter is a website where you can post short messages announcing what you are doing right now, and your friends can subscribe to you and get Instant Messages or text messages on their phone or Blackberry. You, in turn, can subscribe to your friends. Its great for socializing and meeting up without planning it in advance. For example, if you are going to get something to eat, you can send out a message to your friends letting them know where you’re stopping to eat, and if one of your friends is in the area, they may join you. Or you can just keep your friends posted on what you are up to, or even exchange in short text conversations.

I’ve even added a plugin to my blog that shows my last three Twitter messages in the sidebar under the heading “What I’m Doing.”

So if you want to follow what I’m doing, get your own Twitter account. 🙂


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