Will Jollibee Adapt to the Texas Market?

By | October 21, 2013

The new Jollibee in Houston is true to its Filipino roots, with an authentic taste, but can it adapt to the Texas market and attract non-Filipinos?  During the first month and a half after opening, local Filipinos packed the place, but I saw very few non-Filipinos dining in during my three visits there.

Sometimes It’s the Small Things


I just had my best Jollibee Yum Burger yet.  Yum burgers taste really good with mustard.  But unfortunately you have to bring your own mustard, because Jollibee doesn’t have any.  Not a single packet of yellow or brown mustard to be found.  Mustard, being one of the more popular condiments in Texas, is something that will be missed by the locals.  Burger King even added the Mustard Whopper as a regional menu item since mustard is so popular here.  Jollibee should seriously consider making mustard available in Texas.  Might attract more customers beyond their base of local Filipinos.

Another thing about Texas is that we like picante sauce with our eggs.  When I first came to Texas, I was introduced to this local combination, and was amazed at how well it went together.  Now when I order breakfast out, I almost always get picante sauce, ranchero sauce or salsa with my eggs.  Even McDonald’s and Burger King have noticed and now offer packets of hot and mild picante sauce with your breakfast order.  In Texas, you almost have to offer picante sauce with eggs.  I know I won’t order eggs without it anymore, and I am sure I’m not the only one.  Another thing that should be added to their menu to attract more locals.

Another popular condiment they should consider adding it mayonnaise. All the local fast food chains carry mayo packets, and many customers will be disappointed they can’t supplement their burger with some mayo.  Some mayo packets will go a long way at satisfying customers who love mayonnaise.

Considering McDonald’s and Burger King adapted to the Texas market, I really hope Jollibee does as well.  Even making some subtle changes to their condiment lineup will do wonders at attracting Texans to Jollibee.


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