Creating a Strategy is No Substitute for Who You Are Being

By | April 16, 2007

Sometimes it is easy to forget that what you do is only part of the equation. Who you are being in the matter is just as important, if not more so.

If I want to be super successful and create a life I love, it is going to take something, and it is going to take more than doing, although that is a necessary ingredient.  It will also take a shift in who I am being.

Am I being a victim?  Am I being a survivor?  Or am I being the creator of my destiny?

It is the context of who I am being that determines the success of my actions… and even my motivation to take them.

All the strategizing in the world won’t make a difference if who you are being is anything but successful.


Scott M. Stolz

Entrepreneur, Educator, Author.
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