If I were to create online video courses, what courses would you like to take?

By | November 24, 2013

Over the years I have acquired a great deal of knowledge in the area of business & technology.  Combine this with my years of in-person training experience, I think it is time I create my own set of video courses.

The question becomes what video course shall I create first? (Be sure to post a comment below.)

The Possibilities


I could create something related to creating a website, such as WordPress tutorials or how to use a hosting account.  I could create videos to help small businesses be more effective.  I can talk about social media and online marketing.  I could explain credit card processing for merchants.  I could even do more technical topics like Cisco Networking and ColdFusion.  There are so many things I could teach.

The course would consist of a series of videos, with a set curriculum and goal in mind (i.e. “at the end of this course you will know how to do x”).  This would be supplemented with written materials.  The course would include both the concepts and detailed how-to instructions & examples.  The course would be in dept enough where it would be worth paying for (i.e. its not just a simple video on how to complete one task).

What courses do you want?

I want my first online video class to be successful, so I want your feedback.  So I ask you two questions:

  1. What course or courses would you be interested in taking?
  2. How much would you reasonably pay for it?

Please comment on this blog post and let me know what you want.

Want to test the course for free?

You can also help me work out the kinks in the course by being one of the first people to take it.   You would get early access to the course, and your feedback will help fill in any blanks that I may have missed.  You also get access to the final course, of course.

When the course is first launched, I will post a special coupon code on my blog, and on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter that will give you free access to my first course.  In exchange, I request that you give honest and constructive feedback on how I can make the course better.

Please subscribe to this blog and/or follow me on social media to get the coupon code and show your support.  

The free coupon code will be posted when I first launch the course, and will only work for a limited time.  So be sure to subscribe and follow so you don’t miss it!

And don’t forget to post in the comments below what courses you want to see.

Thank you!

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