Our Nation Has Lost Focus on Solving Problems

By | December 15, 2013

ID-100214289I find it both amusing and disturbing how much energy liberals and conservatives spend on debunking each other.  Rather than solve our nation’s problems, they would rather fight over who is right and who should be in control.

Reminds me of an incident in New Jersey where, instead of helping the people in the car accident, two fire departments from two different townships spent their time fighting over who had jurisdiction over an accident that occurred at an intersection at the township line.

Obviously who had the power to respond to the accident took precedent over actually responding to the accident.1

We might actually solve many of our country’s problems if we focused on solving the nation’s problems and compromising when necessary.

Somewhere along the line we shifted from solving this nation’s problems to who should have control and power.  This is how great nations fall.2  The ideals this country was founded on are too important to let wither.  And that is exactly what they will do if we do not take cooperative action to solve our nation’s problems.


Scott M. Stolz

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