Trying out a New Way to Stay on Track: HabitRPG

By | March 9, 2014

I just found a new productivity website that is a planner with a twist called HabitRPG.  It incorporates a role playing game (RPG) with getting things done.  You can access it via browser, and by Android and iPhone app.

HabitRPG Planner

One of the things I like best about it though is the way that it separates out habits, daily tasks, and regular tasks into separate columns.  This allows you to develop new habits, and also creates a focal point on things that must get done that day.  You can also use tags to show or hide habits, daily tasks, and to-dos  to help you focus on a particular area at a time.

I also love how it gamifies your day, with you earning experience (XP) for getting things done, while penalizing you by losing health if you do not do what you said you would do (like not complete a daily task you promised you would do).  You also earn virtual “gold” as you complete things on your lists.

Being a super-user, it does not have everything I personally need, like project management and collaboration, but the developers are working hard at adding useful features and making it talk to other productivity apps.  But most users are not super-users like me, and the available functionality would be enough for most casual users.

You should check it out at  There is a free level, and a subscription is currently only $5 per month.


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