Urban Dwellers, Suburbanites and Country Folks Should Mind Their Own Business

By | February 25, 2015

Crosswalk Road SignI’ve lived in the city, the suburbs and in the country. It is amazing how much animosity there is between those regions. The country folks think the city folks are crazy. The city folks think the country folks are just hicks. The suburbanites and the urban people both think of each other as snotty and arrogant.

The people in urban areas try to kill projects that benefit the suburbs, and the suburbs try to redirect government funding to their projects. The country folks just want to be left alone. None of them can understand why you would ever want to live anywhere other than where they are.

How about this: The people in urban areas worry about their part of the region, the suburbanites worry about theirs, and the country folks worry about theirs? People who live there may actually know what is best for their region.

It’s a bit arrogant for someone who lives in an urban area with a road system built on a grid to tell the suburbs they shouldn’t build more roads or highways. And it’s just as arrogant for a suburbanite to tell an urban dweller that his “walking city” and mixed use designs are crazy just because those concepts won’t work in the suburbs.

So in the end, maybe each region should mind their own business. What do you think?


Scott M. Stolz

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