Your Six Advisors

By | April 20, 2007

I meet an amazing woman at today’s Houston Small Business Meetup1 named Traci Duez and she is an Independent Coach & Facilitator for Break Free Consulting. She introduced us to something called 6 Advisors where she explained that in our mind, we have 6 Advisors, which is based on our internal dialog2. She claimed that by taking some simple tests, they could figure out the tone of your internal dialog in various areas, which they categorize into 6 Advisors, as well as tell if they are balanced or not.

On the back of her business card she has a website you can go to where you can take an online assessment and see what your internal 6 Advisors are telling you.

So, curious me, I had to check it out. Plus, as you know from my previous posts, that I am reinventing myself, and anything that will help me transform my life into what I desire is worth looking into.

I took the assessment online and was pretty amazed at the results. Since I have been doing a lot of self-analysis lately, the results really weren’t that big of a surprise to me, but for most people who are not constantly analyzing themselves, like I currently am, they may have some good insights just talking the assessment.

What impressed me most is that they could figure all that out by having you rank two lists.

On the free assessment, they only reveal details about 2 out of the 6 advisors, but they do tell you what all 6 advisors are and whether they are balanced or not. For 2 of them, they give details about what is balanced and what is not, based on your answers on the assessment. You, of course, have to pay to find out what the other 6 are saying. 😉

The only thing I’ve done so far is take the free assessment. I’ve already requested more information online. But it already looks interesting. If its good enough, perhaps I may become a coach. I do enjoy coaching, but I haven’t settled on any particular technology I would like to use.

If you’d like to get your own free assessment, go to and enter code ZY5MNL26QA. And if you talk to Traci, tell her Scott sent you. 🙂


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