Dusting off an Old Blog

By | August 22, 2013

dusting-off-blog-400I started a new blog recently called “Reinventing Scott” which included a post entitled “Remembering the Passion” which talks about where I came from, and where I am now.  Interestingly enough, that domain used to be pointed to this blog, in fact to a specific section of this blog (the Scott 2.0 category).  I had all but forgotten about this blog and the treasures it held in old posts.

Originally I was thinking of scrapping this whole thing.  After all, it is a blog I started in 2007 and stopped writing in about 2010.  It’s an old design, and had some bad plugins that were causing it to not load quickly.  But the content was still good and still here.  And there was much more of it that I originally thought there was.

Unlike Reinventing Scott, which focuses on self-improvement, and other venues, I wanted a place to be able to write about almost anything.  So I removed some of bad plugins, and tidied up a a bit.   It is still now what I want my blog to look like, but it is a start.  And this post is a start.

Back into blogging.  Back into a new life.


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