Money Doesn’t Change You, Lack of Money Changes You

By | April 23, 2007

People often say that money changes you. I’m not sure that is accurate most of the time. I would say that having more money simply makes you more of who you already are.

If you suddenly (or even gradually) attain wealth, suddenly your confidence is higher, you don’t have to kiss people’s butts anymore, and you can be more selective about what you want or don’t want to do. You can chose to do some of the things you have always longed for, but didn’t have the money or power to do before. You even have more choice of friends.

On the exterior, it may look like you changed. But perhaps you are just expressing more of what was already inside.

On the other hand, lack of money and poverty do change people. I have seen it happen. The dilemma of doing what is right or doing what is needed to put food on the table. The loss of trust and belief in one’s self that leads to depression, stress and unhappiness. The focus on getting money to pay the rent and buying food, rather than the focus on one’s life and ideals & values. The compromising of those values to pay the rent. The lose of the sparkle in one’s eye as the life is drained out of them.

I think the lack of money is far more dangerous that the gaining of wealth. Poverty damages people, all wealth does is lets them be more self-expressed.


Scott M. Stolz

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