In Search of The Perfect Planner

By | April 25, 2007

ID-10065459I have spent years trying to find the perfect planning tools, and so far the perfect planner has been elusive. After trying hundreds of solutions, none of them do 100% of what is needed. Often they have innovative solutions for specific functionality, but then are lacking or totally missing other important and useful features.

Often it’s not a matter of missing functions, but the way they are implemented and how the data is presented to the user. For example, in Microsoft Outlook 2007 you can reschedule tasks by dragging and dropping in the week view only, while Lotus Organizer, you can drag and drop in week and monthly views. However, neither of those support projects and hierarchical tasks1, and you have to go to something like Achieve Planner. However, Achieve Planner, you can’t drag and drop tasks on a calendar to reschedule them, and there is no way to see what tasks are scheduled for a particular day in a calendar type view. And then you have something like GoalEnforcer that has a unique and innovative way of organizing, entering and displaying your goals, projects & tasks visually, however, it does not sync with anything currently2 and does not have any traditional methods of displaying your tasks (such as lists sorted various ways).

It’s almost like having all the pieces available, except none of the pieces will work together. If I could grab certain pieces out of each program and magically paste them together, I would be in heaven. 🙂

So, one of my quests is to create The Perfect Plannerâ„¢. I am not sure how that is going to work yet. I may have to build my own, or I may need to team up with some existing developers and have them make something to my specs, or help create a robust syncing mechanism that allows people to use more than one planner to get the various views they need.

I am not sure how its going to look, but I am sure tired of settling for partial solutions. 🙂

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