One Deal is All it Takes

By | October 3, 2007

One deal and I could be set for life….

It occurred to me a couple months ago, when talking to a good friend of mine, that there are opportunities out there big enough where someone like me, who lives a modest lifestyle, could be set for life… by making just one deal… one really big deal.

Here I have been thinking small time.  But I need to think bigger.  Much bigger.

There are people out there who deal with millions of dollars the way most of us deal with dollars.  And are they any better than us?  No, not really.  They just play a different game, and think bigger than most people do.

It’s time for me to think big.  It’s time for me to find that one deal that will set me up for life, so I never have to work again.  That doesn’t mean I will stop working on smaller deals, it just means that I will open my mind so that it is open to “the deal” when it arrives… and I know it will.  Probably many of them.

And when I get that big deal that sets me for life, will I stop working?  I doubt it.  I would get too bored.  But, what it will do is give me the creativity to create what I want without worrying about paying the bills, since the bills will already be taken care of.  I can focus on building businesses.  I can focus on helping others be successful.  I can focus on doing the right thing for the client regardless of whether I get the sale or not.  I can focus on my non-profit ventures.  I can focus on making the world a better place.

And the price?  Thinking big, and seizing the opportunities when they arise.  Doing what it takes to get the deal.  And being prepared so that when it shows up, I can just step right into it.

The difference between a lot of money and a little money is not hard work.  The difference is who you are being, and how big you are thinking.

One deal is all it takes.

I’m going to get mine.   Are you going to get yours?


Scott M. Stolz

Entrepreneur, Educator, Author.
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