Should there be Disclosure of Paid Edits on Wikipedia?

There is a lot of interesting discussion concerning a proposed policy change over at Wikipedia concerning disclosure of compensated edits on Wikipedia.  And people are all over the place in their opinions, with a lot of concerns being raised.  Perhaps there is a different solution. Proposed Amendment Here is what they are proposing: A subsection… Read More »

Cable TV Needs a New Interface

With competing companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime stealing away viewers, perhaps it is time for AT&T Uverse, Comcast, Dish Network and other “cable & satellite” TV providers to rethink their user interface. For the most part, they have stuck to the traditional channel lineup, adding some streaming services as an afterthought to try to… Read More »

The Real Problem on Creating Wealth

On a recent Facebook post by a liberal friend, he posted this Carlin quote with the caption “Most things that conservatives say contradict other things that conservatives say.”  At first glance, it looks like yet another example of spending time fighting with the opposition rather than solving our nation’s problems.  But let’s dig a bit… Read More »